Thursday, 27 May 2010


Such summer romance by photographer Henry Moshizi for Danish magazine Costume.  I feel like I need to lie down and sunbathe among the blossom trees just looking at it!

[Publication: Costume, Photographer: Henry Mosizi, Stylist: Maiken Winther, Hair/Makeup: Lasse Pedersen, Model: Iza Olak, Producer: Thomas Wadensten]

Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Leigh Viner.
Fashion illustrator.
Make-up artist.

[ via Trendland]

Viva Cuba

"Sultry Havana is the ideal backdrop for a season of impassioned style. Cue seductive hues of hibiscus pink and sky blue, racy prints and lots of leg...Get ready to fall in love with summer's new exotic mood." I'm already head over heels for summer's new exotic mood. And I'm forever smitten with Tom Craig and Bay Garnett. Take me there. Please?

[Publication: British Vogue, Issue: June 2010, Photographer: Tom Craig, Fashion Editor: Bay Garnett, Model: Angela Lindvall]

i see you

Another sunny Tuesday evening. I love all this warm weather! The days feel so long and put a massive, cheesy smile upon your face. I've been dancing on stars even more so since I started my new job. Fashion assistant, eeeeeek!

Here's some Kate Moss at la 2005. What a way to procrastinate when I should be selling clothes on eBay... My overdraft's going to EAT ME if I don't do something about it soon.

[Publication: i-D, Issue: September 2005, The Name Issue, Photographer: Tesh, Fashion Director: Edward Enniful, Model: Kate Moss]

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Alice/Craig: 1; Volcano: 0

I'm hooommmmeee!! After a mere 8 hour delay at the airport (thanks, Mr. Volcano) we were finally cleared to fly back to sunny blighty last night. Awesome trip! From the craziness of Marrakech to the beautiful seaside town of Essaouira... We ate and ate and shopped until we popped. Feel like I haven't slept for a week! Man, it feels good to be home.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Maroc Maroc

The whole of the fashion world has gone gaga for exotic prints and embellished, floatly numbers of late - think intrepid backpacking explorer mixed with the twinkling sparkles and timeless glamour of designers such as Matthew Williamson, Roberto Cavalli and Marc Jacobs.

I fly out to Morocco with my boyfriend in less than four hours - volcano ash permitting - so will have my peeking tom eyes out for some wonderlust prints of my own. This may be the last holiday I have in a loooong time (SEVERE lack of monies scuppering any future plans, *boohoo) so I'm going to make the most of it. Soooo excited!!!!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Disco shoes

As if I didn't love their S/S'10 shoe collection enough already - beautiful swallow, kitty and flower power prints dancing upon silk with chunky wooden soles - these illustrations by French illustrator Janelle Burger have re-awakened my lust. Fun, quirky and delightful, just like Miu Miu itself, perhaps a print out of these babies will have to do until I can afford a the shoes themselves...

[Illustrations: Janelle Burger, via Deelightful]


Politics, politics, politics... That's all that's been passing peoples lips for the last few months and with one of the most hyped-up elections in recent history happening TODAY it's impossible to get away from it. It's fascinating. Will we "change"? Will we continue as we are and get out of the depths of recession? Or will we all refuse to vote, jet off to a tropical island and re-inact Lord of the Flies until we die a grizzly, untimely death? (Ahh, someone's sleep deprived!!) So as the last 12 hours of voting looms, who's got your vote??



Lib Dem

[Videos: All courtesy of Vice Magazine]

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Tux Chung

MET Costume Institute Gala, 2010. Among the glittering floor skimming gowns, glossy decolletage and dazzling jewels, Alexa Chung stood out a mile in her Philip Lim tux and ruffled, velvet ribbon-tied shirt. Along with her berry berry lips and highlighted tips, she looked da bomb.

Annie Hall, eat your heart out!

[Images: Zimbio]