Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Duvet day*

There are a million, billion, trazillion reasons why my boyfriend is the loveliest, most wonderful human being in the whole world. But recently, after a particularly cocktail-heavy work party at Shoreditch House the night before, he surpassed himself... Everyone in my office was treated to a day off work the next day to die quietly, while I was treated to THIS:

Fish and chips breakfast
Yet more chips
Fizzy sweets


Tropic Thunder DVD

A huge bunch of flowers

And enough hugs and kisses to soothe my throbbing head away to Kingdom come… All while curled up in his yummy bed with Jeremy Kyle and other benefit-busting TV programs blaring away in the background… THE CHAV IS BACK.

*Duvet day: [Americanism] Two of the finest words in the human language when written side by side.

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