Thursday, 15 October 2009

Tweet tweet

These pictures from uber-stylish blog, Frassy ( have just made me weep inside. I had my hair cut last week after months of looking like a human birdsnest and living with, a) the constant fear that it might inadvertently strangle me while I sleep, and b) that I’ll be approached by a passing kind-hearted soul who’ll direct me to the nearest soup kitchen for a bowl of stew and a clean pair of knickers. (Not that having clean knickers is a bad thing.) But now, after looking at Frassy’s beautiful long, bed head locks, I want mine back!! My newly lopped-off tresses are all straight and blunt and simply don’t fall the same - or form mini-dreads when I haven’t brushed it for a few days. Oh, for shame. They just puff out like a big marshmallow shelf. Looks like I’ll just have to shower with Super-Grow and hope for the best.

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