Saturday, 17 October 2009


I am currently exhausted, fluey and cocooned in the cosiest boyfriend jumper I can find, with a hot water bottle warming my feet and a cup of hot Ribena on my bedside table (grandma!!), but I had to share this with you quickly before I drift off to sleep-land...

These beautiful images, taken from the latest edition of Lula, just stopped me in my tracks. Utterly captivating in their allure and imagination, the exquisite, dream-like atmosphere, retro sensibilities and saturated colours instantly bring back to you a time of richness, freedom and happiness. But look closer, and there’s a sense of sadness here for the young heroine – a tangible pathos in the way that she is always on the outside, or not quite there. She’s seen longing for the ice cream, pressing her hands up against the outside glass of the jewellery store, wistfully - or is that forlornly? - daydreaming upon the bough of the blossom tree… A sadness that makes these images so much more than just ‘pretty’ to look at. A depth that, perhaps, makes them even more beautiful. Or maybe I'm just reading far too much into it and my brain seriously needs to get some shut-eye!

[Publication: Lula, Issue: Nine, Title: Everybody sees that Baby’s got new clothes, but lately I see her ribbons and her bows have fallen from her curls, Photography: Ellen Von Unwerth, Syling: Kate Young]

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