Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Boot love

It is definitely boot weather. Especially those of the Oliver Twist/Victorian school girl variety. Having been desperately coveting some more additions to my wardrobe for months, I have decided to stop listening to the sensible voice in my head that rages: "Put that damn purse back into your bag woman and walk AWAY!" every time I step near a shoe shop or hover* my finger tentatively over the Paypal key on eBay, and will embark on a spot of vintage shopping this weekend to keep my obsession at bay. Along with the lovely villagey Christmas fair I am going to with my boyfriend - where I shall hopefully be drinking loooots of mulled wine - it seems like it's time to say a very (early) happy Christmas!

(*flirt. Naughty finger.)

Here are a few of the prettiest booties I couldn't take my eyes of this week...

[Altmira, Knight Cat, Lola, Topshop]


  1. LOVE ankle boots however, if like me you're legs are too chunky for flats and you cant walk in anything with a heel over 2 inches finding a pair that suits is impossible.
    I have managed to find a vaguely flattering pair in, erm, Clarks. ahem.

  2. Haha, I looooove your boots!! I told you already, I want a pair!