Monday, 30 November 2009

i-Dare you to suck my blood

Man, isn't everyone going stir-crazy for Vampires at the moment?! With True Blood and Twilight taking over our TV screens, magazines, and dreams (pale and interesting? Swoon...), now i-D is following suit with a bloodily topical "Flesh and Blood" issue for December. Here are some amazing pics of Lara Stone and Jamie Dornan that are just ripe for the eating, I mean, picking, I mean... Oh, darn it. Slobber your Homo sapien fangs all over them as much as you want, we're all going to hell anyway.

[Publication: i-D, Issue: Winter 2009 (The Flesh and Blood Issue), Title: They Lived Happily Ever After, Photographer: Alasdair McLellan, Models: Lara Stone and Jamie Dornan, Fashion Director: Edward Enninful]

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