Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Holla for grandpa

While everyone on the planet seems to have fallen in love with stockings and suspenders, flashing their pins seductively in sheer, take-me-now nylon a la Lily Allen in Chanel in that giant hay barn, I, on the other hand have developed a penchant for big-hipped old man trousers from the 1940’s. Worn high-waisted with a vintage leather belt nipping in the waist to give a soft – if not slightly puffy – hourglass silhouette, I can’t get enough! I recently brought some similar floral ones from eBay (£11, bargain!) and apart from the odd image of MC Hammer and Mr Motivator pinging into my inbox from the guys at work (my boyfriend doesn’t get them either), I’m in love. The trick to pulling them out of the war era and transforming them from drab to fab is to add your own unique stamp. Worn with a cropped 80’s tee, sequin bolero and a shock of colour peeking out from below the up-turned hem, they'll bag some serious fashionista points. And if you’re still not convinced, take a look at this image from the latest Company magazine for inspiration. Accessorised with a futuristic puff-shoulder metallic jacket, lace pop socks, skinny braces and a giant quiff, you’ll be doing more than the Lindy Hop in this get-up, I can assure you!

[Publication: Company, Issue: November 2009, Title: Out of Office, Photography: Diana Gomez, Fashion: Oonagh Brennan]

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