Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Luella, time to say good bye?

So, another casualty of the credit crunch falls… And this time, it’s one of my favourite designers, Luella. *BIG sob!* Famed for her playful, idiosyncratic prom dresses, clashing palettes and quirky re-workings of excentric English styles in swathes of tweed, florals, lace and frills, Luella Bartley has been wooing the fashion world since 2000, with everyone from Chloe Sevigny, Alexa Chung and Zooey Deschanel adorning their bodies in her kooky designs. But now, as the main investor has pulled the plug, trading will continue no more. Just how unhappy must you be if you’re eagerly awaiting a piece from the next season! The S/S ’10 collection, with heart-cut mini dresses, preppy blazers, wide-striped trousers, riding hats, fascinators, cascades of pearls and all kinds of bouncy tiers among the fan-pleated dresses, was one of the best yet. Here’s hoping another investor steps up to the fore soon...

[All images of S/S/'10 collection from and]


  1. Fashion world is mourning. Save Luella!

  2. Luella is a favourite of mine too. A world away from my own style but her shows never failed to bring a smile upon my face and inspire me in unusual ways. Luella's profile seemed to be steadily rising so this is a bit of a shock really but I have no doubt this is not the last we see of her.