Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Unless you've been living in a hole for the last six months or so, you'll have seen embellishments everywhere this season. From sequins and studs to badges, chain mail, zips, lace paneling, glitter, appliqué and more, it’s almost a glutton-fest for your fingers to touch all this textile-icious finery. I love fashion ornaments like no other – in fact, my friend’s often call me a magpie as every time I flick through a vintage jumble rail or pour my way through the heaving throng of Oxford Street’s Topshop, I am instinctively drawn to the glitteriest or most textured garment I can find. (I think it’s because I adore thrifty, mix-match style and I’m a sucker for an original find – plus I loooove mixing different textures and colours together.)
But now, without even meaning to, I seem to be moving away from the twinkly, 3D trend I once championed. My oh-so-garish 80’s sequin cocktail jacket, which I wore at every opportunity when I first got it (not kidding), has been cutting a lonely figure in the bottom of my wardrobe since the end of summer. And my pretty, flapper-style sequin beret? The same fate has bestowed it. But why…?? I think I just get bored of things. (And far too easily in my opinion, especially due to the state of my bank balance.)
But by discarding some of my former favourite pieces, this does not mean it's the end - but a new beginning. HURRAH! Beautiful embellishments are still on the agenda, but in a subtler way – less feminine and more grunge. Think Kurt Cobain mixed with Sienna Miller and you’re on the right track. I’m doing away with brightly coloured, full-length sequin panels and introducing delicate embroidery, dirty gold studs and clusters of chunky, jewel coloured rings. Deeeeelightful!
Ps. There's a whole webpage dedicated to rock chic jewellery on Asos at the moment... enjoy!

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  1. Never mastered embellishment [or jewelerry for that matter.] Maybe growing up in the chav captial of the world has made me a bit weary of wearing anything remotely 'bling' in case it came off a bit council.
    Have always wanted to give this a go.
    loves it

  2. Ah, I really like it! You could do it yourself in no time. I'll see if I can sneak you out some buttons from work...