Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Lacy lady

With sumptuous velvet and twinkling sequins making waves on clothing everywhere you look this season, it's sometimes hard for anything else to get a look in in. But lace has been in the forefront of our fashion conscious through and through. From beautiful floor-skimming flapper dresses in the 1920's, to shocks of neon coloured elasticated leggings as worn by teen fashionistas bouncing around to Hadouken a few years ago, much like the raven-eyebrowed Madonna who championed it in the 1980's, this unsung hero may look delicate and girlie, but in reality, its staying power is as tough as nuts. And so, in the way that only they do best, Vogue have re-worked the narrative yet again and given us a new twist - toughening it up and playing on its quirks and flouncy frills for maximum impact. As they so eloquently put it: "Lady lace gets all shook up with sugar-almond shades, brothel creepers and arch-browed attitude..."

[Publication: British Vogue, Issue: January 2010, Title: More dash than cash]

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