Friday, 4 December 2009

Minus 40

I am becoming increasingly aware that this cold weather – the one that renders me utterly useless, with a slow brain, chilblains on my fingers, and numb, puffy toes, and forces me to rush home to shiver in bed with a hot water bottle at SEVEN PM EVERY SINGLE NIGHT so I don’t freeze to death – is here to stay. And, instead of surrendering to its evil blasts of frigid, frost-bitten air, I am going to fight it. And, damn it, I am going to fight it in style!

Having not yet started my Christmas shopping – save from half my boyfriend’s present, which if I hadn’t already got I would probably have night sweats wondering where, when, and how I’m ever going to get a hold of it in such a short time – I am going to bitch it like a dream this weekend. East London, North London, hell even a little bit of Portobello Road in the West is going to get a thorough seeing to from my cash card. And hopefully, at the same time as shopping for my nearest and dearest, I’ll be able to find a selection of pretty vintage coats, faux furs and gloriously cossssy accessories to keep me warm and snug through the wintery months – even when the trees and houses are shattering in into clouds of ice-dust around me in the minus 40 degrees temperature*.

Here are my favourite looks for winter…

* Slight exaggeration. I am a wimp when it comes to the cold.

You can’t go wrong with a lumberjack shirt and leather combo

Monochrome makes this faux fur chubby look even more outrageously covetable!

Go wild with leopard print a la Kate Moss, Alexa, Mary-Kate…

Scarlet woman: A shock of colour in the fluffiest wool

Butter soft leather + metal studs +vintage badge embellishments = divine

[Drip book, the fashion spot, fashion canvas, Terry Gates]

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