Sunday, 27 December 2009

Wild side

The internet is soooo slow back at the farm this Christmas, so apart from a few tentative puffs on the web (plus a hella lot of Gossip Girl – thanks little sister for the boxset, I have now lost any desire I once had to crawl back a social life in the countryside) my blogging has been, dare I say, non existant. But with a new year’s eve party to gather dressing up ideas for (plus my birthday coming up), I couldn't abstain from fashion gorging completely. These pics are from the winter edition of Jalouse magazine... yummy. And perfect for outfit ideas! I brought a gorgeous skinny leapord print dress in Topshop the other day - alas, not on sale, but you can’t have everything. And now all I need to add are lashings of chunky gold, chains, some ripped tights, black nail polish, backcombed hair, perhaps a black eye mask and kohl, kohl, kohl and voila! New year's eve outfit: done.

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