Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Cape love

I am SO excited for the new autumn/winter fashion shows... only a month to go! Not that I’m an avid wearer of fashion trends by the way – quite the opposite probably; I tend to just wear what I like and shop vintage – but it’s always nice to see the new styles and designs and watch similar pieces worming their way into the highstreet and onto thrift store rails by their savvy buyers. (I mean, did you see how many jumpsuits and playsuits the shops brought in after the trend for ‘onesies’ last summer??)

I’m hoping capes are going to be one of the big fashion pieces for next autumn. Either long and snuggly or chic and cropped, they’re perfect for wintery months and a fab alternative to the revered trench. I love how they have an almost innate vintage quality to them too – which you could enhance further with an antique clasp or bejewelled brooch.
I brought a purple cape Rokit a few years ago, and although my sisters tell me it makes me look like the hazelnut Quality Street sweet, I adore it. But I have to wear it carefully. As it doesn’t cover my arms I tend to only wear it when it’s bearable outside – no minus temperatures or rainstorms, thank you very much! But you can also keep snug with clever layering, such as accessorising with woollen mittens, a furry deerstalker and a swathe of cosy scarves a la Missoni A/W ’09.

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  1. Love capes too. May have to invest in one once it starts to warm up a little, far too cold to wear anything other than a proper coat at the moment!