Thursday, 28 January 2010


"I just love how Atlanta always combines colors, prints and textures in an outfit and makes it look so put together without trying too hard." {Francheska, Fashion Canvas} My sentiments exactly. I loooove this style!

I have a dress just like this leopard print one that I wore for new year's eve... Perhaps it's a little too ridiculously short for day time, but worn with a denim jacket, leather boots and a slew of bejewelled accessories at night, this could be the start of a beautiful relationship. (And hey, I’ll still look like a scruff bag but then at least then there will be a reason behind it!)

Ps. Party last night was ace, although I barely made it. Not even a free bar of champagne is appealing after 13 hours of constant brain whirring. Booo. (Although I did get my bum papped when I walked in! Ha. They were looking for Jamie Campbell Bower...)

[Images: Cobrasnake/Fashion Canvas]

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