Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Sweet like candy

With the noughties far behind us (well, a week or two), we are now well in 2010. And as anyone who has been reading Elle, Vogue and the like recently, it's the year of soft, buttery shades and delicious, ice-cream hues… Say goodbye to black, the pastel shade is back!

The ever-classic romantics Valentino, Chloe and Dior have championed these girlicious tones for ions, and continue to do this season - with even more designers following suit. And it’s not just the colour that’s going all Marie Antoinette on us. Textures are oh-so-dreamy too. Ruffles, pleats, satins and the floatiest flyaway fabrics designed to woo and romance are the spring/summer ready to wear of choice. There’s Louise Goldin’s fluttery, Japanese fan-inspired pale yellow designs, (she’s got a spiked and studded footwear collection For Topshop in stores next month by the way – look out!), Burberry Prorsum’s multi-chiffon layers in soft azure and mint, and Michael Kors’ sheeny, satin separates in the softest lilac tones making us go all weak at the knees and dreaming of days lying idly by the pool.

However, these watercolour shades won't suit all of us. I, for one, would look distinctively sallow in a baby pink or pale yellow frock. More ‘verging on death’ than ‘angelic and beautiful’ – until I get a tan that is! So I will leave it up to Mary-Kate and Sienna to wear this look for me. The ladies doth wear their baby shades so well.

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