Thursday, 21 January 2010


While I was researching quirky art things to do for work today, I came across The Doodle Bar. An innovative new creative space, littered with secondhand furniture from Freecycle and nothing on the whitewashed walls apart from a doodle of the Thames snaking through it, it invites people to doodle on the walls, tables – even the waiters – and create a unique vision of their imagined city. “A collage of doodlers hopes and fears,” as they so eloquently put it.

It’s already grabbed the attention of Vivienne Westwood, who previously held monthly film screenings at the venue, and is also home to the DoodlEarth exhibition - an interactive art installation formed by creative film makers, Squint Opera.

And even if you can’t draw to save your life, the freedom of doodling means that anything goes! Together with friends and strangers you can unleash your creativity, inspire, share, develop and evolve ideas and – best of all – have FUN! Special classes such as live drawing and yoga are available too if you really can’t get enough of this space.

So, doodle you want a go or not?


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  1. What an extraordinary find Alice! How did you ever come across this?

    With felicitations