Monday, 15 February 2010

10 things every girl needs in 2010...

1. A pair of chunky platform heels. Preferably purple, velvet, skyscrapingly high and with a giant bow on the front.

2. Gossip girl. Box set + bag of crisps = Perfect cheap night in. True, by the end of it you’re pouty, over-analytical and flicking your hair all over the place a la Serena Van der Woodsen, but it’s a small price to pay. And of course, there's Taylor Momsen's style...

3. A Dutchie bike. Picnics in the park just wouldn’t be the same without your wicker basket to carry the rug and scotch eggs.

4. Lula Magazine. For every girl that loves fashion, photography and daydreaming, this beautiful bi-annual will sweep you away from your tumultuous life in a cloud of rose scented fairy dust.

5. Rose wine. Sweet, delicious and a pretty blush colour – plus it gets you tipsy after a couple of glasses.

6. A pair of floral harem pants. Ok, so you might get MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This” sung to you everywhere you go, but ditsy blooms in candy colours are tipped to be one of summer’s hottest trends.

7. A vintage turban. So, SO cool.

8. A Blackberry. How else are you going to be able to put the winning bid on those Chanel clip-on earrings you’ve been stalking on eBay whilst on the bus to work...?

9. Tickets to Bestival. If music was love, you would’ve been wooed a hundred times after this fanciful four-day dress-up festival.

10. An umbrella. We live in England; rain is what we do.

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