Monday, 22 February 2010

Punk & studs

It’s now day 15 on my quest to find a new dwelling and it’s not going well. Safe to say, this moving house malarkey is becoming the bain of my life. A MONSTER in the otherwise carefree, giggle-filled existence I have taken to love quite muchly. I’m tired, stressed, hopeless and feel illogically angry at people for not moving out of their pretty houses so we can live there instead, feeling like I’ve spent every last evening and weekend of my life trudging round estate agents to visit crumbling, mould-infested flats that are to small to even hold my wardrobe – let alone my bed and shoe collection.

We’ve got a viewing at Dalston tonight then two in Stokey tomorrow… Fingers crossed we find something lovely, liveable and cheap as chips.



Ps. Moschino ’s A/W collection will really make you smile. Gimme a punk-luxe howl…

[Images: FASH ON]

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