Wednesday, 10 February 2010

A word on photography

I'm finally home after another exhausting day. My brain is absolute mush so apologies if this post doesn't make sense... Nine plus hours spent detangling, organising, calling in credits and doing returns in the fashion cupboard before missioning over to LCF for my journalism course. I must've looked like some kind of derranged Gandalf as I sprinted past Tower Bridge with my cape flailing behind me. But I made it. Just. The once-a-month circa 2005 Charlie Brooks work-out DVD must be working (!).

I managed to pick up some great S/S '10 look books at work today too. Mui Mui, YSL, Vivienne Westwood, Missoni, Viktor & Rolf... In fashion, there are two types of photography. One is used for documentations sake, such as images used in look books or snaps of models on the catwalk, while the other is for art; to create beautiful, captivating images that transcend our everyday world. And although work by designers like YSL, Viktor & Rolf et al is enough to blow you away with their designs alone, there's no comparison to when a photographer and stylist really come together. Gorge away on Josh Olins and Katie Shillingford's V&R visual feast for Dazed & Confused below...

[Publication: Dazed & Confused, Issue: February 2010, Title: The Amsterdam Chainsaw Massacre, Photographer: Josh Olins, Stylist: Katie Shillingford, Model: Magdalena Frackowiak wearing Viktor&Rolf S/S 2010 ready to wear]

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