Saturday, 6 February 2010


This time next week it will be Valentines Day. The day where Mr Paper-Chase and little Miss Scribbles rub their inky fingers together with glee as the bumper crop comes in from their annual paper harvest. I'm not a particular fan of Valentines Day. Even moreso than Christmas (just...) it reeks of commerical smultz, money pilfering and cheese. A helluva-lotta cheese. And, the greatest argument against it is that surely, if you love someone you should tell them every day, not just on February 14th?

I may not be sprinting to the shops to load up on bucket-loads of chocolatey hearts and mini cupcakes that say "I ♥ U" on them (puke). But I'm still excited about having a lovely, special day with the boy I love. Which will hopefully include watching back-to-back horror films, cooking spag bol, and munching on sweets - with not one shiny balloon or Care Bear in sight. I cannot WAIT.

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