Saturday, 20 February 2010

Bora Aksu A/W 2010/11

Although inspired by folklore, fairytales and fantasy, there was nothing elusive about Bora Aksu’s Autumn/Winter ’10 collection. Romantic and haunting, the catwalk flowed with an enchanting array of his signature texture-laden creations. Futuristic dresses with full hips gave way to structured shouldered blazers, billowing trouser suits and underwired tops in a swathe of textures.

There was detail and architectural interest everywhere you looked. Flirty mini dresses were adorned with delicate bow necks, ruffled shoulders, exposed zips, cut-out holes and giant pockets – one dress even had a voluminous pocket puffed out the front made from complimenting satin fabric. Woollen rope twisted and looped its way around dresses made of soft gauze – perhaps alluding to deadened roots creeping up to constrict their prey – while delicate capes and lightweight blouses bounced in the air. It was a collection of contrasts, which became even more evident when the sweetest pieces – such as the raspberry sweetheart neckline prom dress – were paired with buckled, punk-luxe leggings in tough black.

The palette was just as interesting. In muted tones of lilac, rose, oyster, mahogany and jet he gave an eerie twist to Spring/Summer’s love affair with sorbet shades, while metallic shocks of gold – in the form of lame trouser suits and puffball mini dresses – punched through with alarming force. All in all, a fairytale fantasy.

[Images: Zimbio]

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